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Equipment and Parts Requests or Wanted

For the Month of March, 2004


Oxide Etch, 150mm:

Req Code: TSSCJF324

0030-00195, large face seal, 150mm, qty=1
0200-00047, ring, clamping, 150mm MLR, qty=1
0200-00020, ring, quartz, 150mm, oxide/MLR, wrap around, qty=1
0200-03423, pedestal, 150mm, oxide/MLR, wrap around, qty=1
0200-04099, insert, lexan, 150mm, oxide/MLR, wrap around, qty=1
0020-09372, seal, small face, qty=4
0200-00058, gas ring, qty=1
0020-09963, screw, vespal, qty=4
0020-03657, rim
0020-03658, cylinder, clamping, qty=1
0020-03898, insulating pipe, quartz, qty=1

Sputter Etch, 150mm:

Req Code: TSSCJF324

0200-09087, quartz ring, 150mm, sputter etch, qty=1
0020-10519, pedestal, thick, 150mm, graphite/quartz, qty=1
0200-09083, shield, 150mm, sputter etch, qty=1


AMAT P5000 Parts:

Req Code: TSSCJF324


Susceptor, 150mm, 0010-60011, qty=2, may be replaced by 0010-02862
Susceptor, 150mm, 0010-09133, qty=2
Sputter Etch Kit, 150mm, 0240-31038 kit, sputter etch (std cathode), qty=1


Semiconductor Equipment:


2 sets of DISCO DAD 2H/6T Dicing Saw

DAD 321

Req Code: TSSCJF2264


Lam 4520i6

Req Code: HHLam324


Genus 8720 W CVD Tungsten Deposition

Req Code: RoyDL324