Novellus, C1-150 with Undoped TEOS


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            746 Macklin Court, San Jose, CA 95133


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Configuration  Novellus C1-150 with undoped TEOS

Serial Number:  93-52-734


            Wafer Size:  100mm (4")

            TEOS:  Sigma 6, UnDoped/Controller/Battleship

            Microcontamination Package:

                        Load Lock Pressure control option only installed

            Process Gas Panel:  9-Channel

            MFC Type:  UNIT INSTRUMENTS

                        A1 10 SLPM N2

                        A2 1 SLPM N2

                        A3 1 SLPM N2

                        A4 2 SLPM N2

                        A5 None

                        B1 10 SLPM N2

                        B2 5 SLPM NH3

                        B3 10 SLPM N2

                        B4 10 SLPM N2

                        B5 None

                        B6 None


            Pneumatic Panel:  New Generation

            Loadlock Foreline:  With Throttle Valve (Micro)

            Reactor Foreline:  Internal Cold


            Gas Distribution:  Complete

            RF Distribution:  Complete

            Chamber Ring:  Etch Resistant Quartz

            Chamber Ring:  Maintenance Window (Blank-Off)

            RF Match Network:  Trazar – AMU2-1


            RF Isolated TC

            RF Shunt/Heater ISO, Manometer

            TC/Heater AC Assembly

            Heater Block:  Notched, Pinned-Station 1, Pinned All


            Spindle Assy:  Ceramic

            Spindle Indexer Assy


            Loadlock Cassette Door:  New Style, No Windows

            Wafer On Paddle Sensor

            Platform:  Non-Contact


            Robot:  Single Arm, Dual


            Main AC Panel

                        Remote AC Panel:  New Generation

                        Power Supply:  Quad/24V


            Instrument Panel:  Pressure Controller (Tylan)

            Instrument Panel:  Valve Display Controller (Tylan)

            Instrument Panel:  Temperature Controller (Eurotherm)

            Instrument Panel:  Excess Temperature Interlock (MeterMaster)

            Instrument Panel:  Vaccum Pressure Controller (Hastings)

            Instrument Panel:  Load-lock Throttle Valve Pressure Controller (MKS)

            Front Monitor:  Carrol Touch

            Maintenance Monitor:  Monochrome

            Computer:  Y2K

            Software:  4.431

            Disk Drive:  3.5”

            SECS/GEM Interace Software

            Multibus:  CPU (TEOS Option), Slot 2

            Multibus:  RAM Memory-Slot 3

            Multibus:  Digital I/O #1-Slot 4

            Multibus:  Digital I/O #2-Slot 5

            Multibus:  Analog Input-Slot 6

            Multibus:  Analog Out #1-Slot 7

            Multibus:  Analog Out #2-Slot 8

            Multibus:  Lift Indexer-Slot 10

            Multibus:  Rotate Indexer-Slot 11

            Multibus:  Extend Indexer-Slot 12

            Terminal Panel:  New Generation (150/200)

            Water Flow Switch

            Post Process Audible Alarm

            End Point Detection:  Single

            End Point Head


            High Frequency RF Generator:  ENI, OEM 25

            Low Frequency RF Generator:  ENI 2HF

            Dual Frequency Option

            Remote Signal Cable (CA99)

            LF Coax (CA102)

            LF Signal Cable (CA100)



1.       Subject to availability at time and date of inquiry.

2.       Refurbishing and conversion to 6 inch is in progress.

3.   Buyer may specify MFC’s.